Marty Davis started out singing Country music but one of the most popular parts of his show has always been the Western music segment.  (For those who don’t know the difference: Country is what you hear on the radio currently. It’s the nation’s favorite and most-listened-to music. Western is what we grew up with…Gene, Roy and the Sons of the Pioneers.  It tells the story of the Old West and the Silver Screen Cowboys.)  Marty has performed to standing room only crowds in Nevada casinos (the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas; Cactus Pete’s in Jackpot; Fitzgerald in Reno to name a few), nightclubs, fairs, conventions, concerts and rodeos around the U.S.  He spent several years singing bass and traveling the world with the legendary Fifties group,  The Diamonds and, though he loved the good ole Rock & Roll, he really missed doing his own kind of music.

Marty will take you on a nostalgic trip through time… back to when the good guys wore white hats, kissed their ponies instead of the girls, headed the bad guys off at the pass and always caught’em in the end!  All without mussing up their rhinestone and fringed shirts and then rode off into the sunset.

Member: Oregon Fairs Assoc. (convention and showcase committee), Washington State Fairs Assoc., Western Fairs (showcase committee), IAFE, Rocky Mountain Assoc. of Fairs (Veterans Day Committee), Dakota Fairs Assoc., Wyoming Assoc. of Fairs (showcase committee and Vice President), Western Music Assoc., WMA Columbia Chapter, Hall of Fame Member, Western Swing Society California and Washington.

While at home, between performances, Marty and Kate live in Medford, Oregon on 100 acres over-run with animals.  “You Name it, we got too much of it”.   Marty and Kate have three sons (two borrowed) who cowboy for a living.  Kelsay is their only girl.  She is as tough as the boys, maybe more.

image006img-1Bret is PRCA bull rider, attended college in Fallon, Nevada and is training, showing world class reining, and cutting horses throughout the USA.  He married Amy in May of ’06.  Together, they train racehorses in Florida and sells thoroughbreds in Kentucky, England and other areas. Currently they are in Florida.

Greg is a bull rider: after graduation from Oregon State, he married Erin who is from Australia.  For the last three years Greg has been "cow boss" on a ranch in Eastern Oregon.  In June of 2011, they moved to Australia to train horses.    

Until recently, Brian operated the horse portion of K bar Z Guest Ranch near Cody, Wyoming and is a hunting guide for the ranch in the fall.  He also trains horses.  Currently he is guiding hunters in Old Mexico.

Daughter Kelsay and her husband, Ben, both have masters degrees in Geology.   They are also photographers and rock climbers and are currently writing a book on rock climbing.  They live in Levanworth, Washington.  She works for the school system in Wenatchee, Washington.